Yappy Favorites

Biscuits and Bones

Chowdown Carob Crunchies

Carob chips baked into poochie pleasin' bone shapes.

Pawfect Peanut Butter Bones

All natural peanut butter baked into crunchy, munchy bones.

Heavenly Hound Hearts

Let your hound have itsí hearts desire with these heavenly oatmeal snacks.

Chompiní Liver Chips

Canine cuisine at itsí very best with real beef liver.

Tail Waggin' Turkey Treats

Your four-legged friend will shake a tail for the taste of turkey.

Poochie People Treats

Fat free chicken broth flavors these people crackers.

Good Dog Granola Gobblers

Your pooch will gobble up these granola goodies.

Barkin' Banana Oaties

Healthy oatmeal and banana chips makes this treat tasty.


Yappy Favorites in 1# bags are $6.00 a pound.

1 for $6.00 ea.

3 for $5.50 ea.

5 for $5.00 ea.

In 3# Containers: $15.00 each

In #5 Containers: $22.50 each

We always throw in a sample of a treat.

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Variety Bag

Our Doggy Delight products are good for 6 months if kept in a cool, dry place; one year if frozen.

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