Doggy Delights

Yappy Treats uses all natural ingredients in all products. They are great tasting and very nutritious. There are no additives, fillers, or chemicals. We do not use added salt or sugar to any treat.

Each treat is hand rolled and hand cut, and fresh baked, so there may be slight differences in appearance. Yappy Treats wants the very best for every one of their canine friends. They are not only delicious but also wholesome and good for your dog.

Yappy Favorites

Biscuits and Bones

Keesha's Big Bonz

Large bones for the dog with a big appetite.

Kelsey's Mighty Morsels

Big taste in small bites. Great treats for training or for those dogs with teenie mouths.

Doggie Delights also come in a variety bag.

Yappy Favorites and Keesha’s Big Bonz in 1# bags are $6.00 a pound, in 3# bags $15.00 each and in 5# bags $22.50 each.

Kelsey’s Mighty Morsels are in 14 oz. containers. They are $6.00 each.


1 for $6.00 ea.

3 for $5.50 ea.

5 for $5.00 ea.

We always throw in a sample of a treat.

Our Doggy Delight products are good for 6 months if kept in a cool, dry place; one year if frozen.

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