Famous Gourmet Dog Treats

Dogs can smell the difference. Yes, Yappy Treats are loved by dogs because they are all natural: No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Artificial Colors, and No Artificial Ingredients.

Therefore, there's more room for the NATURAL FLAVOR to come through, and they LOVE Yappy Treats .

Please note, at one time we offered free samples. We no longer do so because it would be impossible to keep up with the thousands of requests and appreciate your understanding.

Arf, Hi, My name is Keesha. I love to play and EAT! I like to take walks with Mom and I am doing agility. It is lots of fun.
Hey! My name is Kelsey. I'm the "Dude." My favorite things to do are playing ball and walking with Mom. I like to do obedience, too.
Our mom started baking dog treats for us Ďcuz we are so cute. We loved  Momís treats sooooo much we  got her to bake them for all our doggie friends and they loved them,  too. We (plus Mom) started Yappy Treats and we are sure that your dog  will love them, too.

We have a very important job. We are the companyís official taste testers. The treats have to have our paws of approval before they are considered to be worthy of being in the Pooch Pantry . The treats are all natural and we donít put in any yucky stuff like preservatives or any chemicals. Moms and Dads, your dogs will love you for giving them healthy treats that taste great.

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